Thursday, January 31, 2008


Take a look at some of my favorite pics of this little sweetie! Her mom brought her in for her 1 year portraits and I'm so glad, she was so comfortable and talkative, and her mom was GREAT and was up for anything! And I've never seen a 1 year old whistle, until I saw Ashlyn. I have noticed that most children are either more verbal or more physical at this age. My kids were late walkers and early talkers, my friend Leasa's son was a late talker, but barreling towards furniture and climbing, doing flips, etc. Ashlyn is so observant, she watches people talk and duplicates the sounds and intonation in the most astonishing way. In my old life, I was a medical transcriptionist, and so basically, my job was to "hear" for a living. I love accents and I could really tell that the nonsense sentences that Ashlyn shared were distinctily different than standard 1 year old talking I'd heard before. It almost sounded like actual sentences because the syllables were pronounced so clearly, although being 1, all mixed together. Totally fascinating to me....! Thanks for finding me you guys!

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