Monday, September 14, 2009

Newly Designed JWP Website is LIVE!!!

Yay! I'm havin' a GREAT DAY too! For the first time since 2007, my website has been completely redesigned and updated with the latest images I've taken of my should be able to come away feelin' like you know what I'm all about and excited to talk more! Right now I have to go finish cookin' burgers for the family, but take a look and be one of the first to let me know what you think!!

THANKS EVERYBODY! If it wasn't for YOU putting your trust in me, and letting me get to know you and your families and friends, I wouldn't have the opportunity to create these images!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wedding: Amber & Mike

Hi Everybody! Meet Amber. Is she kinda staring you down in this picture? I think it's hot! Plus, she's all rainbows and unicorns underneath. Just kidding...actually, her favorite car is a Volkswagen Thing. Yellow. White ragtop. So that pretty much just makes her cool inside and out. Here are a few highlights from her beautiful Laurel Creek Manor Wedding on August 29, 2009. . .

This is Mike. Mike is who Amber loves.

Amber and her mom have LIVED & BREATHED the planning of this day for months.

Whoosh. In a moment, the beginning of a whole new phase of life........wife.

Since the first time I set foot in the Bridal Suite at Laurel Creek Manor, I was in love...and Amber looks simply amazing here, doesn't she?

The sneak, the peek....Amber & Mike's first sight moment! I can't get enough of that sly grin she's got waitin' for her new Husband. . .

A quick quiet moment...gone in the twinkle of an eye...

The lovely side of the bridal party. . . .

The manly side. . . .

A meaningful side moment with mom. . . .

Seriously--how much more picturesque can you get?!

August at Laurel Creek. Amber & Mike promise their love to each other.

This is it. This is for Real.

It's a done deal! Congratulations and cheering ensue!

Now, I didn't hear what Amber said to Mike first since becoming his wife. . .

But it looks like is was pretty funny! I have no doubt this is a sign of all the great times ahead for them in their marriage. . .

"Introducing, for the first time, Mr. & Mrs. . . . . ."

First dance.... fresh night air.

You know. Just hangin' out on the steps.

I'm loving how the vintage feel arose out of this moment!

The exit! This cracks me up because there is so much action...we've got peeks into the limo, last tosses of rose petals, and the new marrieds getting to watch everyone bid them Bon Voyage via some unstoppable limo sunroof action. And this reminds me of what it was like to be a kid and not be able to see the top of a limo. :)
< Festivities carried on throughout the night. . .

Amber & Mike, I am so thankful to have gotten to meet you both, your family and friends and get to capture your wedding day. You guys are all awesome! Stacy and Amber, you guys had a couple of fantastic pictures....

To view the slideshow of Amber & Mike's wedding, click here!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Lindsay's rad senior photoshoot

Last week I photographed Lindsay's senior photoshoot. Here are some of my favorite shots. . .

My senior shoots are unpredictable; I feel very comfortable at this point in my career experimenting for a portion of the shoot, and some of the big changes and evolutions in my career begin from a place of experimentation just like during Lindsay's shoot. I've been reading The Artists Way by Julia Cameron at the suggestion of Me Ra Koh, and have to say it's an incredible read so far and if you haven't got this book yet GET IT!

And just in case you think I may have plucked Lindsay right out of a modeling agency, in fact I've been photographing Lindsay and her big sister Alex since way back when in 2005! Linds I hope you don't mind I went into the archives and whipped out a couple rad shots.

Looks like I haven't changed much in terms of my willingness to experiment! lol

But the girls have changed so much! Grown, poised, amazing young women and I'm so glad to know you Linds, Alex, & Lois!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Yay! Nominated & 1st Day of School!

Hi Everyone!

Well the kids got back on the bus this morning, as it did for a lot of you too. As much as I'll miss them during the day hours, and as much as an adjustment the quiet house is, I do enjoy the peace and freedom and the day flies by anyhow. . .we've got lots to look forward to in 1st and 5th grade. And as I walked back to the house, I grabbed this shot of our cat Carmen. Woe to all you rodents. You haven't a chance. lol

Okay so back to business! Here's the LATEST:

KING 5's Best of Western Washington

For the start of the new season, lots of plans are coming to fruition! First off, check out my nomination for KING 5's Best of Western Washington Contest !! I'd love it if you'd review me! There's nothing like first hand experience to make an awesome review that could really help another person navigate the dizzying world of choosing a photographer that's right for them.

So thank you for that! I appreciate all the support you've given me over the past 9 years!!

There are several projects I'm working on, not to mention some stunning weddings & shoots (like Amber & Mike's wedding at Laurel Creek Manor last weekend and a crazy awesome senior portrait with Lindsay). Oh and I should add:


Yes, you heard it right! I am falling out of my chair over the totally new website. Designed by my trusty teammember, Ron Ford, owner of I can't wait for you to see it!! Stop by soon or make it easy and subscribe to get the latest!