Thursday, December 17, 2009

Magical Lights

Hi Everybody!

Well it's December and I was stunned to hear my daughter say "Mom Christmas is in a week!"
Does that surprise you too? Or are you well aware of the date because you are eyeballing it on the calendar each day, hoping to keep everything together, your giving, your recieving, your joyful and grateful too.
I'm glad to get the tree up right after Thanksgiving because Christmas is my favorite day of the year. It's pretty much always been my big SHE-bang since my birthday is the 26th. It lands on a saturday this year--yee haw! I have nothing planned. I don't want to miss out on an opportunity to insist the family all does something I've always wanted to make 'em do (you know how Moms are haha)...but I'm a little distractible so unless I write 'em down, I can never remember what all those epic things are unless I find them in my lil spiral notebook I carry with me whereever I go.
So while I'm pacing myself with my photography errands and items to complete (and I'm right on schedule), I'm going to share the spectacular view of Seattle last week at dusk...

Isn't it something else or what? I will always fawn at pretty lights :)

And just because I'm in the Holiday Mood, I thought I'd post a teaser of one of my weddings that has yet to be completed!! Do I EVER do that? No! Check out a peek of Carly & Erik's Seattle Wedding:

I hope to have it posted before I leave for San Francisco to celebrate with my amazing business coaches, Karen Buckley & Fay Freed at the Wisdom's a quick weekend trip with an evening at our friends' Becca & Patrick's, and some wickedly fun shopping at Union Square downtown...

Do you wanna see what I've been shooting like crazy over the past month or so? Well when I get back I'll show ya! Til then, have some cocoa or eggnog and take it easy and feel the love this season.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Photographer Preview Success!

Hi Everybody!

I am about to leave to go drop off a wedding album(-oooh-which reminds me--I need to grab some quick shots of it before it goes to it's home)and off to a wedding rehearsal, the last wedding of the year...I LOVE winter weddings!

But first I wanted to post a few pics from the first ever Photographer's Preview night at Julie Watts Photo Studio. Check it out!

Okay so this was me before anybody showed up...I've got a sweet mirrored wall that is fun to play with when you are all set up and still have a few minutes to spare before people start showing's safe to say we all had a great time...lots of talking and taking turns shooting Lindsay & Julian! It was a great way to start off my TWO events at the studio held back to back, Photographer's Preview and Client Appreciation Open House! And I could NOT have done it without the help of my secret weapon (and the secret weapon of many brides), Atiya Canley, owner, You Are The Star Wedding & Events!!
You will be hearing more about her soon, as I have been kicking around the idea of having interviews here on the blog. I think that would be fun. I get to meet so many interesting's one of the best parts about being a professional photographer...
Okay gotta run!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What's Happening December 4th and 5th????

Hi Everybody!! Whether you're a photographer or a client, I'd love to see you and hang out at one of my TWO events coming up VERY SOON!!

On Friday, December 4th at Julie Watts Photo Studios, portrait photographers are invited to a very special, "Photographer's Preview" on Saturday, December 5th.

I hope to see you there, photog friends, and please, bring a friend! It will be a FUN NIGHT for sure!!

Clients!! I am so excited for you to come check out my newly updated Studio space! If I've never photographed you in my studio, come see what it's all about!

Saturday I'm raffling off a GALLERY WRAP CANVAS WALL PRINT and some lucky client who comes is gonna win it!! Come say hello and see if one of YOUR pictures is on display! You'll recieve a crazy 50% off regular print prices JUST in time to send to Grandma Hildegard in Toledo for the holidays! Knock out half of your Christmas list in one stop...beautiful portraits never go out of style and are always appreciated for years to fact beautiful portraits are the one affordable gift you can give that becomes more valuable over time to those that love you the most.

Stay tuned!! I've been setting up the new studio with brick red paint, tile & wood flooring, and MORE!! Mark your calendars and come out and say hello December 4th or 5th!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mode Organic Salon's Fall Hair Fashion Collection

Yay! The official flyer for tomorrow night's big event!! I'll see you there!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mode Organic Salon's Art Opening!!

Hi Everybody!

It was been a brisk October with zillions of shoots and one more GLAMOROUS wedding to show you! But today's post is "time sensitive" so I'm going to get right to it!

I was fortunate enough to be asked by Mode Organic Salon in Seattle to shoot their Fall Hair Fashion Collection!! I'm not going to lie; this was a big shoot for me. . .I got to go location scouting (my intuition must be honed in pretty good because my first stop ended up being my favorite from the whole day). On top of that, I shot a test shoot, filed for my first Use Permit, and coordinated/gathered props and talked concept with the graceful and amazing Selina from Mode.

One huge part of being a photographer for me is being THANKFUL. And OH BOY was I when I saw that, on SHOOT DAY, the weather was absolutely divine for playing with for just this kind of shoot. THANK YOU MOTHER NATURE!!

The shoot was a total success thanks to all of the hairstylists, make-up artists, and models who totally BROUGHT IT! And if that wasn't exhilerating enough, Mode is having an Art Opening!!

Our "Where the Wild Things Are" inspired art opening is on Thursday, November 5 from 6-8pm. The Mode Artistic Team has created our first collection of looks for hair for Fall/Winter/Holiday '09. We styled some models and held a photo shoot to capture the looks in the Washington Arboretum and will be showing the photographs (shot by Julie Watts) at our Downtown location. We will also be showing some beautifully dreamy landscapes painted by Irene Wood. Last, but not least, our models will be at the salon with hair done up Avant-Garde...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Allissa & Cory's Laurel Creek Manor Wedding

Hi Everybody!!

Alissa & Cory had an awesome wedding. It was WAY BACK WHEN in September on the 6th. Gosh aren't the seasons moving quick? Feels like EONS ago!! I'm so excited to get to "reminisce" already!

Ahhh. One of the few minutes Alissa & Cory spent together alone on their wedding day at the beautiful Laurel Creek Manor in Sumner, WA.

Ask me how much I love an birdcage veil. ASK ME! Oh my gosh...TONS. Tons. They are so instant-vintage glam I can't stand it.

We dodged a few rain showers and Mother Nature looked happily upon us. It dried out just when we needed it...I always love shooting after the rain because the colors are so vivid, even the concrete and stone shimmers...

The ceremony was undercover and of my absolutely favorite ways to photograph a ceremony...everbody let's look at how adorable Alissa is listening to Cory! :)
Below is the menfolk....

I am totally for a minimalist approach to photographing ceremonies. Strip it bare down to the raw emotion, I say!

This is one of my favorite groom shots...Cory said something about the wedding photography part of his wedding day was way more fun than he thought it was gonna be. I was like " I know!" haha! If a groom has been a groomsman in a prior wedding I've done, then he already knows that I'm pretty fun to work with! Heck, I grew up racing BMX bikes for 7 years, being one of the only girls around. I have one older brother and our dad who built cars and married my high school sweetheart who builds cars. My son even builds cars with legos. So I appreciate guys for who they are (which is definitely different than how women are!!) and let them know they can go ahead and be guys and be themselves in front of my camera. I can capture the fun stuff but also show their ultra cool side...definitely a feel most men want on their wedding day...

I absolutely love the above and below pictures.

And this one below? Of the walking kiss? This was right after they left the ceremony as man and wife. I'm the ONLY one on earth who witnessed this and so glad I was there to catch it. It's freakin' perfect..OH you guys are too cute. Congratulations!!

Some divine dancing....

Some bustling and reception prep beforehand....

Some after-ceremony celebratin' !

If you wanna see Alissa and Cory's ENTIRE wedding slideshow, just click HERE.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Newborn: Sophie!

Hi Everybody!'s hard to photograph them without falling in love...they are so tender, so new...I can't help but be overwhelmed with optimism and warm fuzzy feelings to watch new parents' lives happily flipped upside down with the arrival of this beautifully unique little bundle. And when the parents are bridal clients of mine from 2008, then it's even bigger because I know their families and friends and how excited everyone is about their baby.

Introducing baby Sophie and a few of my favorite portraits from her first professional photography session:

Welcome Sophie! I wish nothing but love and happiness for you and your patient, gentle, loving parents as you start on this wild and crazy journey called Life!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Newly Designed JWP Website is LIVE!!!

Yay! I'm havin' a GREAT DAY too! For the first time since 2007, my website has been completely redesigned and updated with the latest images I've taken of my should be able to come away feelin' like you know what I'm all about and excited to talk more! Right now I have to go finish cookin' burgers for the family, but take a look and be one of the first to let me know what you think!!

THANKS EVERYBODY! If it wasn't for YOU putting your trust in me, and letting me get to know you and your families and friends, I wouldn't have the opportunity to create these images!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wedding: Amber & Mike

Hi Everybody! Meet Amber. Is she kinda staring you down in this picture? I think it's hot! Plus, she's all rainbows and unicorns underneath. Just kidding...actually, her favorite car is a Volkswagen Thing. Yellow. White ragtop. So that pretty much just makes her cool inside and out. Here are a few highlights from her beautiful Laurel Creek Manor Wedding on August 29, 2009. . .

This is Mike. Mike is who Amber loves.

Amber and her mom have LIVED & BREATHED the planning of this day for months.

Whoosh. In a moment, the beginning of a whole new phase of life........wife.

Since the first time I set foot in the Bridal Suite at Laurel Creek Manor, I was in love...and Amber looks simply amazing here, doesn't she?

The sneak, the peek....Amber & Mike's first sight moment! I can't get enough of that sly grin she's got waitin' for her new Husband. . .

A quick quiet moment...gone in the twinkle of an eye...

The lovely side of the bridal party. . . .

The manly side. . . .

A meaningful side moment with mom. . . .

Seriously--how much more picturesque can you get?!

August at Laurel Creek. Amber & Mike promise their love to each other.

This is it. This is for Real.

It's a done deal! Congratulations and cheering ensue!

Now, I didn't hear what Amber said to Mike first since becoming his wife. . .

But it looks like is was pretty funny! I have no doubt this is a sign of all the great times ahead for them in their marriage. . .

"Introducing, for the first time, Mr. & Mrs. . . . . ."

First dance.... fresh night air.

You know. Just hangin' out on the steps.

I'm loving how the vintage feel arose out of this moment!

The exit! This cracks me up because there is so much action...we've got peeks into the limo, last tosses of rose petals, and the new marrieds getting to watch everyone bid them Bon Voyage via some unstoppable limo sunroof action. And this reminds me of what it was like to be a kid and not be able to see the top of a limo. :)
< Festivities carried on throughout the night. . .

Amber & Mike, I am so thankful to have gotten to meet you both, your family and friends and get to capture your wedding day. You guys are all awesome! Stacy and Amber, you guys had a couple of fantastic pictures....

To view the slideshow of Amber & Mike's wedding, click here!