Monday, December 22, 2008


We usually don't get snow in my neck of the woods, and if we do, it's a couple of inches that melts the next day...but this year's Western Washington snowfall is indeed extraordinary. . .I had a chance to prepare ahead of time with food and good snowboots, so that feels like quite the accomplishment! I'm more of an "idea" girl but when it comes to survival, I get pretty motivated :)
Do you like the snow?
Do you live in a place where this is rare, or a place that gets pummeled with blizzards and subzero temperatures?
What do you DO when you're cooped up at home?

My son talking. . . .

My daughter sledding.

I don't know what's more endearing, that this is a classic shot of dad and daughter, or that dad's beloved '69 Chevy Pickup is in the background! Okay, I agree, it's dad and daughter, but around our house this truck is buffed and polished and admired. A little surface rust, like a few grey hairs, just adds interest and character. . .

And when it's time to inside and thaw out, I ACTUALLY had a craft ready to go! My mom used to make candybar sleighs, each bar individually wrapped up with candycanes taped to the sides as runners. Normally, the bar on the bottom would be a large Hershey's or Nestles Crunch, but I accidentally ate mine. I thought I had bought plenty. Oops. So I wrapped an Odwalla bar instead! Easy and fun.
As cool as it is to be "snowed in", I can't help but notice that any of my "routines" (if you could call them that) were gone. Everybody's sleeping in. We're eating whatever, whenever. And even though I see the benefits of structure and discipline, this has been a fun departure from the norm. I've read a book by the window with cocoa and got through a couple of chapters before anybody needed me. Ahh, the simple pleasures :)
How about you?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Baby Olivia & The Essence of Squish

Olivia. What a cutie! I grabbed this in between shots. . .I love the documentary feel of it.

And Angela's mom had this AWESOME old freaky chair in the middle of her very contemporary and normal colored home. We balanced Olivia with mom sitting on the floor behind the chair (you can see her arm).
A lot of parents think their babies aren't acting "normal" when being photographed. It usually just takes them some time to warm up. Photographers and their cameras are VERY interesting to small children occasionally and they are just too curious to smile in the beginning. . . .

I've never so well captured the essence of "squish" that make babies so irresistable...

Jeez, did I say something wrong Olivia?! lol

Lil baby buns. . . .

Olivia those BLUE EYES! My Goodness! On her head, if you are wondering, are Olivia's superficial hematomas. They are just on the surface, don't hurt or do anything, and will go away eventually....
Can't wait to get to watch you grow up Olivia!

Olivia is the darling offspring of one of my BBB, (brides before I started blogging), Angela and her husband Josh. Let's revisit their April '07 wedding a moment. . . .

Aw yes. Angela's so vintage-y I loved this one in particular.

This dress was handmade by Angela's mother...GOR-Geous....

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Denise & Chris & the Rain

I'm a big fan of Laurel Creek Manor in Sumner, and this past September I shot Denise & Chris' wedding there.

Remember Chris & Denise's Engagement Shoot??

I've been saying lately, "If it DOES rain on your wedding day, Laurel Creek Manor is the place you want to be."

Laurel Creek has lots of covered porch area, but standing on the steps and getting a little sprinkled on was beautiful. I LOVED the fans Denise chose in lieu of bouquets...

The directional light from the steps was to-die-for! Love this one of Chris. Very James

This neutral wall color and awesome window lighting upstairs makes this "spare room" one of my favorite places to shoot a bride, rain OR shine.

The ceremony was on the back patio while the guests were under the tent, very charming and delightful!



Seriously. Fans. Must be considered by all you brides-to-be out there. . . .

Now for a few formals of the new Mr. & Mrs.....

Here, Denise and Chris are standing under a narrow archway and the rain really started to lighten up. . . .

There's nothing I love more when it rains during a "shoot" than the incredibly glossy sheen that pavement takes on when eyes just LOVE it!

Some good partying down got going!

And a moment to cuddle and take in this whole magical thing called a wedding. . . .

Denise & Chris! You both were so easy and it was an exciting day for me to shoot for you! Hugs!!
To see Denise & Chris' slideshow, click Here!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Senior Photoshoot-Danielle!

Danielle. I already knew I would love Danielle because I already had photographed her sister and neice. I didn't know what she looked like though, so when I got to the meeting place, I saw this gal pull in and start to check her makeup in her rearview. "That's probably her" so I walked over and this grown woman rolls down her window and I immediately see that she's not a senior...but I made sure to tell her I thought she might be the senior client I was meeting because how fun is THAT to go home and tell your family, you know?

But back to Danielle.

What a beauty she posesses!

And these colors! I just love.

This is a unique image for me....I thought it was quite adorable and every little detail is necessary, not just the shoes and the hands. The greenery in the back and the rocks and the curb and the pebbles in the forefront are as much of the visual story, I think....

It was great to meet you Danielle and it was a TOTAL pleasure to get to do your senior photoshoot....

Saturday, December 6, 2008

"Hello?" "Julie, This is Travis..You don't know me but..."

"...I think my girlfriend has contacted you about doing a holiday picture shoot, but I had an idea I wanted to run by you. I was thinking about proposing to Christine at the end of the shoot..."

Sweeter words rarely grace a wedding photographer's ears.....

First off, I already knew I loved Christine. I mean, she was the enthusiastic focus of one of my most memorable bridal bouquet toss sequences

It was obvious. This chick wasn't messin' around!!!

So when it came time for the holiday shoot, I just was hoping I wouldn't accidentally slip and call it an engagement shoot! I tried to put that in the back of my mind until it was REALLY time. . .

I actually did pretty well and Travis was very calm throughout the shoot. Wouldn't you LOVE to see the REST and how it all went down, frame by frame?!? Just click Christine & Travis' Surprise Engagement Slideshow!!
Congratulations again you guys!! Can't WAIT for your wedding!!!

Brides Hear This!!!

I was meeting a new fantastic bride of mine (yes, I consider you "my" brides and always will, even when you're a grandma, you'll always a "bride" in my mind) Pamela down at the Sumner Starbucks, when I got to chattin' with Starbucks employee Heidi about wedding photography. "Have you heard of the new site?" she said. "No, what site?" " is an online marketplace where brides come to purchase pre-owned EVERYTHING for your wedding. Because seriously, there are better things to do with 30 fluted crystal vases than use them for coin banks in your garage or give them to your photographer as she leaves at the end of the night! (lol) Post them on Bravo Bride and earn some cash! And brides-t0-be, what a GREAT way to get the most "ooh" and "ahh" for your money!
Thanks Heidi!