Thursday, October 15, 2009

Allissa & Cory's Laurel Creek Manor Wedding

Hi Everybody!!

Alissa & Cory had an awesome wedding. It was WAY BACK WHEN in September on the 6th. Gosh aren't the seasons moving quick? Feels like EONS ago!! I'm so excited to get to "reminisce" already!

Ahhh. One of the few minutes Alissa & Cory spent together alone on their wedding day at the beautiful Laurel Creek Manor in Sumner, WA.

Ask me how much I love an birdcage veil. ASK ME! Oh my gosh...TONS. Tons. They are so instant-vintage glam I can't stand it.

We dodged a few rain showers and Mother Nature looked happily upon us. It dried out just when we needed it...I always love shooting after the rain because the colors are so vivid, even the concrete and stone shimmers...

The ceremony was undercover and of my absolutely favorite ways to photograph a ceremony...everbody let's look at how adorable Alissa is listening to Cory! :)
Below is the menfolk....

I am totally for a minimalist approach to photographing ceremonies. Strip it bare down to the raw emotion, I say!

This is one of my favorite groom shots...Cory said something about the wedding photography part of his wedding day was way more fun than he thought it was gonna be. I was like " I know!" haha! If a groom has been a groomsman in a prior wedding I've done, then he already knows that I'm pretty fun to work with! Heck, I grew up racing BMX bikes for 7 years, being one of the only girls around. I have one older brother and our dad who built cars and married my high school sweetheart who builds cars. My son even builds cars with legos. So I appreciate guys for who they are (which is definitely different than how women are!!) and let them know they can go ahead and be guys and be themselves in front of my camera. I can capture the fun stuff but also show their ultra cool side...definitely a feel most men want on their wedding day...

I absolutely love the above and below pictures.

And this one below? Of the walking kiss? This was right after they left the ceremony as man and wife. I'm the ONLY one on earth who witnessed this and so glad I was there to catch it. It's freakin' perfect..OH you guys are too cute. Congratulations!!

Some divine dancing....

Some bustling and reception prep beforehand....

Some after-ceremony celebratin' !

If you wanna see Alissa and Cory's ENTIRE wedding slideshow, just click HERE.

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