Thursday, January 22, 2009


Back in the fall I had the pleasure of shooting Jenny's senior portraits!

Jenny's BF was a client of mine when he had his senior photoshoot last year. . .

Can you guess what I used for Jenny's backdrop in this shot?

This shot above with mom and BF Jesse should give you a big hint of where I found that fantastic black backdrop...

Yep, none other than dad's sweet rig!

I literally shot all around this truck, and there was a photo-op everywhere I looked. You know how babies and pets are totally fascinated by new toys? You can see their gears grinding in their head as they discover all the new possibilities? Me too! I'd never shot a semi-truck before so I was pretty stoked. . .we climbed on the back, did shots in the cab, mirrors, grill, fenders, etc...

We are all at the mercy of the sun and the clouds when you are shooting on patience and a watchful eye are my best assets when it comes to figuring what shots to do when. I especially liked the light filtering through this shot...

I really liked the colors on the porch so why not grab a few shots in a place she's ran up and down a gazillion times?

Awww.....again, the directional backlight was sweet right here!

Jenny you are a total doll! I had fun with you and Jesse and your mom! Tell your dear 'ole dad thanks for letting us use the truck!
*I have had some VERY EXCITING developments to share with you soon so stay tuned! Within the next few days I'll post my cool news!!


Misty said...

Oooh...I can't wait!! Great shoot Julie. =)

Unknown said...

Just wanted to say a quick thank you for the compliment on me ra's blog!!! I really appreciate it!!
Love your blog and your photos!!!