Thursday, November 18, 2010

Faster Than I Can BLOG

Hi Everybody....

Faster than I can blog, life is changing and opening my eyes to new opportunities. Do I jump? Do I dare? How many times can you change your vision and your focus in a single year without looking flaky? Do you listen to your gut even if the rest of the world doesn't understand what you're doing? What if you are frustrated because you can't articulate it well to the people that matter?

These are the questions I've been answering lately. Maybe you can relate. We are all making changes. Change is afoot. Don't worry, I'm always going to wanna make friends and make portraits and wedding images of my friends. It's hard to call you clients. It puts up a wall that the best photographers tear down because it gets in the way.

I JUST posted that I was going to pursue coaching formally. I LOVE discovering how much we're all much we're different. I get so inspired from talking to you about your goals and dreams and desires, your fears, your thought processes.

SO, I had a dream, I took a risk, I ended up at the PartnerCon convention in New Orleans, and now I have the hugest (huggest?) risk/opportunity at my fingertips. My gut is telling me that this is a no-brainer (haha that's ironic). But the logical world I live in wants me to be terrified at taking this NEXT HUGE risk. And I mean a "thousands of dollars" kind of risk. I kind of enjoy being in this tense position...on the verge of the I ready for this? (yes) Is this where I dreamed of being someday? (yes) But the most important answer I've gotten from my gut is "You were made to do this. Go do the thing that isn't right for 99% of other people. I've done enough personal development work in the past three years with Karen & Fay and Cam & Linda and Allan to KNOW what my purpose is. And holy crap. I have the chance to do it in a national-type of way you guys. And I can feel you cheering me on, no matter how abrupt this opportunity arose. I have to do it, and while I do, I want very badly to be able to share with you what's running through my head. Cause I think you'll be inspired, and I want to inspire you.

I'll be keeping a lid on it for the next few months during planning. But when the official launch occurs, you'll be the first to know. Friend me on Facebook if haven't already! xoxoxoxo



Unknown said...

This sounds exciting! If you take this leap then you won't have to ask yourself later, "What if?" You will do awesome!

Sara Montgomery said...

YAYYYY Julie! Good luck!