Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Spending Life Glazed Over on Facebook

If you are a creative thinker...if you are curious... somewhat distractible, Facebook might be a cruel joke.  I have a serious LOVE-DISLIKE relationship with it. And my panties are all in a bunch about it.

I know social media is the "new thing" for some businesses, but for portrait photographers, Facebook has been THEE TOOL for several years now. And I have decided, I'd better change my relationship with it. Pronto.

Now, it's not like it FORCES me to log in...or stay too long...but SOMETHING had seduced me...

Maybe it's the escapism....
Maybe it's reuniting with old friends
Maybe it's the voyeurism....
Maybe it's staying connected with new friends and fellow business owners..
Maybe it's the opportunity to say "Hey! Check this out."
Maybe it's the opportunity to be helpful.
Maybe it's the camaraderie associated with participating regularly in groups of photographers that I respect, admire, and who make me laugh out loud.

"There are two types of people in this world. People that do things. And people who make things HAPPEN."-Jeff Jochum

 Oh crap. Jeff got me again.  What did I gain in exchange for those last 436594 minutes of my life spent on Facebook? I did something. I was on Facebook. But what did I MAKE HAPPEN by being there so long? (sound of crickets).

What decisions could I have made, in clarity, without the distraction of "what everyone else is doing" or "what so and so may think"?

What tasks could have been completed before I had the opportunity to lament about its "undoneness" on Facebook?

What ideas could I have came up with, in my own quiet and peace?

I find that when my own life's decisions become to overwhelming, here I am....glazing over as I scroll down an infinite list of what the REST OF THE WORLD thinks is relevant, or interesting, or ...
 ...wait....Glazed over?!!

Who am I to be lamenting that I have things that would feel SO AMAZING to have completed?

What is my problem and why does random perusing of Facebook fix it??

How can I delete "Facebook Daze" from my life?!


I set a timer now. I still post. But I stopped meandering. About two weeks ago. And you know what? It's been awesome. I'm embarrassed at how awesome it feels because that means I was spending more time on FB than I care to admit.

Remember....real life is the most vivid but it's up to you to color it.

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