Saturday, November 3, 2007

My LumiQuest 80-20 is world famous!

I got to "act" in a music video as a photographer at a fashion show. In the final edited video, Hi-Tack's "Let's Dance" Remix, my attachment that goes on my "big" external flash made a split second appearance. Hi-Tack is, pardon the cliche, huge in Europe. The video made it to #1 on MTV Europe. Akina Entertainment out of Seattle is responsible for the awesome film production, and the dancers were out of this world. It was a blast to watch the behind-the-scenes action, makeup and hair (courtesy of Mode Organic Salon-Seattle), and let's not forget the CLOTHES, Seattle's own Neo Dandi! What was fun about it was that us photogs were just supposed to fire our flashes as much as possible when the camera was rolling!

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