Saturday, November 24, 2007

Tatiana & Paul!

Okay so technically, I got all of the images edited by the date on the "come see our images online" cards that I have available near the guest book at weddings I shoot...but normally I like to put them up the day before "the date" so the bride and groom get to see them first. Getting through 1053 images to cut out/edit down to a final group of wedding images in 7 days was a miraculous feat, considering Thanksgiving was at my house and several shoots on Monday and Tues!

Tatiana is becoming a great friend/assistant to me. She's one of the best people I've ever had assist me at weddings, tough as nails (as my assistant, she's been stung by a bee AND completely sopping wet) and keeps the most amazing attitude. She's got a natural talent with photography, full of ideas and great compositional instinct. I can't say enough about Tot. She's one in a million....Paul is one of those "still waters run deep" types who truly and utterly has a undying love and devotion for his wife....just a beautifully matched couple and I can't wait to watch their marriage grow and evolve.

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