Monday, July 21, 2008

Megan & DJ...Gor-juhsssss

Some of my favorite shots from July 12 at The Pioneer Park Pavillion in Puyallup....
"This is really IT!"
One of DJs ushers had just said "You guys look like a boy band!"
The breeze in her hair, the clinging arms and sweet gaze of DJs neice was such a gift to capture. One of the sweetest fleeting moments ever...
Oh! The candids of mothers and daughters...sigh...all I see here is beauty, poise (and amazing cheekbones) passed down from one generation to the next...
Just minutes before Megan became DJ's wife.....
Haven't we all been there?! Brooklyn really did take the hairstyling like a champ!

July 12 was a beautiful day for a wedding...Megan & DJ sealed the deal at Pioneer Park Pavillion in Puyallup.. DJ, look what you had coming!!!
This shot of Megan's flowergirls is a super fav of's also an excellent example of how stunning the use of color can be!
The lighting in the Pavillion was awesome that day...we had light coming from both sides when Megan stood here (and caterers worked behind the tall black drape)!
To direct guests to the correct entrance, this sheer drape was hung. Once the sun lowed and began to pour in, I couldn't have been happier! I get glowing bride shots any time possible, but this was just too easy!

I love it when the bride and groom truly love to dance...this groom could really move :)

The groom's sweet moves were brought to you in part by Mark of The Musical Outlet! He has a lifelong passion for music and was truly evident that night. There really is an art to leading a reception, and a great DJ can maintain the flow of events to keep guests stimulated, then create a fantastic, spirited environment for your guests to let loose, which in turn creates some awesome moments for your photographer to capture! One of the best DJs I've ever worked with! Mark's website is under revision, but you can take the first step to getting YOUR party started at 253.273.6299. Just check these dance shots out!!

It was a WONDERFUL wedding and I have no doubt that Megan and DJ will have an amazing life together as husband and wife!!! Their entire wedding slideshow is right here! Next up, will be my post on the Leavenworth wedding of Tonya and Roy!

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Sara Montgomery said...

Awesome photos Julie. It is always fun to see your posts! I hope all is well.