Monday, July 14, 2008

My Favorite Officiant, Pastor Greg Parsons

What do you see in common in these pictures below?

Give up?

It's THIS guy, Pastor Greg Parsons of Faith Family Church! I first met Greg in 2004 while shooting my husband's cousin's wedding at the church (that's Lindsey above with his adorable family). I just remember the ceremony being so moving...the pastor being so in touch with the couple, without being overbearing or cheesy.

Pastor Greg has an optimistic enthusiasm that gives off this beautiful energy that I imagine vibrates through the ceremony space into the hearts of everyone at the altar, and all the way to the back row. Seriously.

In his ceremonies, he talks ABOUT the bride and groom, and speaks TO them. He has a passionate but relaxed manner of incorporating practical truths about the commitment of marriage. If you aren't convinced that marriage is an amazing, holy union, then you just haven't been to one of his ceremonies yet.

And of COURSE, Pastor Greg talks ABOUT God in his ceremonies, and he talks TO Him. I absolutely love the image above....for me it's all about Pastor Greg and his connection to God and the heavens...


I've attended lots of wedding rehearsals. As you can imagine, some are short organized (or disorganized), some are long and detail-oriented, and some can leave party members like they've just rehearsed for "So You Think You Can Dance"! Plus, everyone is hungry. (Tip: Schedule dinner FIRST if you can, and rehearse afterwards! I've seen it done and everyone is so much more relaxed and content with a full belly! Extreme Tip: Schedule it on a THURSDAY so traffic isn't so much of a factor in getting there on time, plus, Friday can be a relaxing day to finish details and pamper yourself) Pastor Greg and his wonderful wife, Angie, take rehearsals JUST serious enough to get things clear, but not so serious that the B&G are worried that they won't do something right. If Angie comes to assist, you'll see she is one of those women that thrives when she works behind the scenes and has a pleasant confidence about her that no uptight, clipboard-wielding coordinator could ever compete with! She's just the kind of person you can feel comfortable knowing is there helping...

You can contact Pastors Greg & Angie at Faith Family Church, Milton, WA 253.922.7773.

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