Thursday, November 6, 2008

Vienna 5 and 6 months!! Studio Vs. Location

This is a good opportunity to compare studio versus outdoor (or "location") shooting. Here we have Vienna's 5 month images from the studio!

The Watermelon Pucker...
When you can't beat 'em, Dad joins 'em!!!
Whoa Mom, what is THAT?!

High Key studio portraiture, basically, is shooting white on white, or at the very least it's lightly toned. This would be an example of a high key shot.

With studio portraiture, everything in the shoot needs to be preplanned. The lighting, backdrops, props, etc. The sky is the limit in terms of what your possibilities are, but it takes much more space for shooting, but more for storage of studio stuff. Also, studio shooting gives you ultimate control. By nature I'm not very high-maintenance, and my studio shooting reflects that. I keep it Simple. . .even if it's like this shot below, it's simple. This only took one light and one backdrop...

I have realized over the last few years that I am the type of person that functions really well in uncertain or uncontrolled conditions. I love the variety and uniqueness of shooting on location. I love the unpredictability of a wedding day. The whole world can be your studio, if you are willing to give up some control and think on your feet. It just depends on what you want the outcome to be.

I think like most photographers, I started shooting outdoors, around the house, etc. I can imagine that when a photographer eventually tries the studio, there are some of us who hear angels sing and realize that they truly love aspects of studio shooting. For me however, I just have to laugh at how truly shocked I felt the first time I stood in front of a white backdrop. It was And foreign. There weren't the usual conditions I was so comfortable working with. After the shock wore off, it turned into amusement. It was like discovering photography again for the first time, and it was an opportunity to play and make mistakes and search for answers. I will never be done learning about studio shooting...which means I'll never get bored!

Ahhh, but on location, that's where I feel the most at home. Speaking of home, I love it when clients take a chance and let me shoot at their home even though "There aren't any good spots here." There's ALWAYS good spots, and I think it's especially helpful to have a professional photographer show you where they are so that you can appreciate aspects of your home in a whole new way!

Okay so last week, we took advantage of the backyard maples at our place!!

It's hard to believe you are already six months, Vienna! See you next month!


Connie said...

Hi Julie! I have never done studio work and to be honest, it completely scares me. I had a friend help with a senior session I had and she brought lights over to use outside and I suddenly had heart palpitations and could no longer think. My creative juices were gone! As soon as that part was over, I was back to my comfort and felt totally comfortable.

Great shots of Vienna and the family. I love the one of them all laying in the leaves!

Amanda Mays said...

what a cutie she is! Love the one where she's reaching up to her daddys face... So sweet!

I like the mix of both on site and I little studio. Of course I don't have a studio ;) but I like experimenting with lighting and some studio shots are awesome. But I think my eye much more prefers the on location anything goes type shots.