Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Aliya & Billy's Canal Wedding

Hi Everybody! I'm so excited to show you Aliya & Billy's wedding images. I'm also excited to figure out how to get my Twitter posts on the blog since I've just started a fun summer goal; unicycling! But I digress...let's check out this rad wedding...

Aliya, such a graceful bride...Billy, such an upbeat force to be reckoned with!

Nothings much cuter than chilly bridesmaids huddling while the guys get their photo-op.

Aliya showing a peek of her lipstick red peekaboo toe pumps! LOVE that.

Billy's captivating bride....

The vintage flare.

The sunlight flare.

What a great wedding party to photograph!

Best friends......together

Sometimes a guy needs a hand...or two...or...ha ha

I love the lucky horseshoe ring, Chris J.

Waiting men...

Sometimes images just GET you, and you could look at one a thousand times and never get tired of it. This one does it for me. Aliya's graceful strut and head-turn just kill me. Her girls. Her groom. And her mom in the background with folded hands watching her baby-turned-bride. Sigh...I think I need this on my wall in my office so I get to look at it all the time.

Chris J, shown here next to Billy, is a CUSTOM MADE THE SUITS! You simply have to check out his ultracool website, www.likearockstar.com . You WON'T be disappointed, and you just might leave with an order for your own custom-made clothing. You've been warned.

Aliya's wedding ceremony entrance...glorious The Canal in Ballard is a fantastic venue with some of the most SCRUMPTIOUS food I've ever eaten.

Emotions rolled through the room during their ceremony. But they started with Billy. :)

I'm sure it's the surest thing she ever did......loving him.

The Mr. & The Mrs.

Among the family shots, this one with dad and bro...

Spontaneous Dual Parental Affection.

The Ethereal Bride

Tender kiss for grandma

These little darlings rocked the dance floor like nobody's business. Twirls, knee slides, and general booty shakin'...just adorable.

This one cracks me up, too...love the juxtaposition of emotions!

Aliya & Billy, it was such a privilege to be a part of your wedding day! There entire wedding day slideshow is here.

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likearockstar said...

Julie, loved the wedding, loved you, loved the shots. It was an amazing event to be apart of and your photos really capture the spirit and tenderness of the thing.