Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Live in the Question

Hey There People!

In the spirit of catching up on blogging, I bring you these studio shots of professional bellydancer/instructor, Malia, one of my favorite clients ever 'cause we always have so much fun and try to go somewhere different creatively with each shoot we do together. She performs regularly around the Sound and her website is here. Yes of course those are my images on the website, even the sillouette one with the sword!!

The studio itself is a completely different environment than shooting on location. You have control and responsibility for choosing lighting, the setting, etc. It uses a totally different part of my brain than when I'm doing say, a senior shoot outdoors and the responsibility is on identifying where the great little spots are and making creative decisions quickly based on the light Mother Nature set up for me. In the studio, it's quiet.... time stops....I have to plan. I need inspiration and one person that always inspires me is Malia.

What I like most about repeat clients is that we really get into a GROOVE! Now we totally know each other and it's a perfect environment to experiment and goof off. Sometimes in life, I feel like there's too much pressure to KNOW everything. My business coaches, Karen Buckley & Fay Freed, have introduced me to so many awesome ideas, but the one I love right now is the idea of "living in the question." Instead of going on auto-pilot and worrying about a decision to make, I can choose to relax and be comfortable "living in the question" and letting the answer rise to the surface of my thoughts instead of trying to force it.

So even though I didn't know it at the time, that's what I was doing with Malia last fall. Living in the Question. "Why don't we try this?"

"Okay, now, what would happen if we did that?"

"What if we changed this?"

"What if we did that?"

I really get a lot out of collaborating with existing clients on photo projects, especially when it's a concept shoot like with Nicole & Dan's studio Engagement session, all crazy and whatnot. It really gives my brain somewhere foreign and new to explore and discover. And I LOVE that.

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