Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Stacy & Mark Engagement!

Not a typical engagement picture?

Well if an engagement shoot is defined as a casual photoshoot of a couple in love, relaxed and playful, and totally comfortable being themselves, then what's not to love about some playful sparring?
Especially when Mark, one of our honored servicemen, falls in love with Stacy, a captivating Emergency Responder-type. Sparks and sparring flew...........

We had a great time trekking Snoqualmie Falls and stopping occasionally to take some pictures!

I had the pleasure of shooting Stacy & Mark's Olympia wedding just two weeks later. They planned the wedding in just a couple of short months...Mark is going to serve in Afghanistan and well, he popped the question over the phone when he realized he just didn't want to wait until he got back. Awwww.....

Cold hand on the back! Cold hand on the back!

"You coming up here with me?"

Next up will be my FAVORITE shots from Stacy & Mark's Memorial Day weekend wedding in Olympia! Stay tuned! I've got another great senior to tell you about and an update on baby Vienna's first year...

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