Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thank You

Hi Everybody!

I've been spending a good part of 2009 working on a whole new, better-than-ever website with updated images and design with my web designer and friend, Ron Ford of Webvisuals. I can't WAIT for the new site to go live and give birth to the next era of Julie Watts Photo. My evolution has been in large part to my business coach, Karen Buckley of the Wisdom Connection. I have been doing some intense work and I feel like I've learned years worth of information in a very short time... and I want to take this opportunity to say "Thank You" to everyone on the team, Sonny at Asabooks, Hannah my assistant (and one of my closest friends ever), my family for believing in me, Wendy & Seth for their friendship, my photographer friends (gosh--too many to list), Me Ra Koh especially...your vision and bravery leave me speechless, and especially my beloved clients and brides. Yes you are all still "my brides" to me and always will be. I feel like an honorary member of so many of your families! I am honored and stoked beyond belief to be a part of your lives! as I wait in limbo between the old website and the new, I'm going to be moving the thank yous I've received to the blog. No matter WHAT you do for a living, take the time to reread the positive responses you've received. Without further ado:

"Thank you so much for the amazing pictures. Everyone has said how beautiful they are. A few have said that they even cried all over again. Your sooo amazing and we look forward to seeing you soon."-- The Taylors

(OMG did you read that last part?! How funny is that!? Don't worry, the groomsmen and I got along

"Julie, Thank you so much for coming to our wedding and being our rockstar photographer! Not only did you take the most amazing beautiful pictures (everyone loves them!) but you also helped me keep my head on my shoulders. I would have been a mess without you! You are so talented and an amazing artist! If you and your family ever want a Montana vacation, you are always welcome to our home! We love you, Celeste & Ryan Johnston"

If you are loving the love-fest, go ahead and click here to check out 29 more reviews submitted to King 5's Best of Western Washington Contest!

Thank You All!!!!

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