Sunday, August 9, 2009


Hi Everybody!

Okay so there is quite the baby boom occurring here at Julie Watts Photo! No, not me, silly, it's you, my clients (though I introduce my new niece at the end of this post)!!

Through weddings and seniors I meet most of you, and from those photographic roots, you ask me to photograph your bellies, your babies. And I get so excited for your pregnancies...I didn't know I'd actually get to photograph my clients create families for themselves, year after year. It's a very dynamic part of photography...the ever-growing body of my work that is not just one chapter of my client's life, it's chapter after chapter...each one as fun as the next because I get to KNOW you all so well...and it's not just "any" photographer coming over to photograph your newborn, it's YOUR photographer, Julie Watts.

So in celebration of all of the buns in the oven I'll be photographing over the coming months, here are a few memorable images I've created for you in the past!

This little darling totally knocked us out with this wildly classical looking pose and expression!

The soft...slow...snuggly...this is the life of a Newborn...(above)

Tasty toes and scrumptious baby chub

Overflowing with personality

Anticipation...your a big FOUR year old now...

Portrait of a Snowbaby

Lilly's Curiosity

Emily in a Dress, all Grown Up (above)

Just Plan Mischevious and Adorable!!

Addison...too busy Dreaming to be mischevious....yet! Adorable since the beginning...

And introducing Nuala...a new friend of the Julie Watts Photo! She's a bright little thing and appears to have couch lounging DOWN at only three weeks. What an absolute DOLL, don'tcha think?!

What a peaceful, beautiful way to remember childhood...outside with your mom and dad and nothing else...for most people, pictures are a major part of remembering your childhood...and these experiences are authentic moments that are sparked into existence because of a need for current family the experience turns out to be just as much as memorable as the images themselves...which leads me to give you a little insider info about a special promotion I am lining up. In coordination with celebrating my NEW, STYLISH website being launched, I'll be offering a LIMITED number of past clients a family portrait session September through November, in plenty of time for the holidays...

And above are my own little darlings...and there's ONE more addition...our family welcomed a new NEICE on July Alaina Marie!

Aunt Julie Rocks!!! lol

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