Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tart Hair & Cosmetic Studio!

Hey Everybody!

Wow...Washington State has hit the triple digits in the last couple of days. HOT! Thank goodness I was a "wuss" and bought one of those one room/window AC units 2 years ago. Sounds like most of the big box stores are out of AC units now, and I get to blog in a very comfortable 70 degrees while it's currently 95 degrees outside. I know this is a "so what" moment for the readers in the rest of the country...but we hardly know what to do with ourselves up in the Northwest! This doesn't happen here!!

Anywhoo, I wanted to share the fun news that I have NON-portrait photography on display at Tart Studios in Ballard, WA. . .

I was really impressed with Jami, Jill and the gang at Tart...the salon really is the "hidden gem" I'd heard about...after entering their street level entrance, you go down and around a long stairway, around a corner, and WOW, right to the entrance of one of the lightest, brightest, sparkling salons I've seen in a long time. It's a great excuse to go get a great new style and meet the Tart ladies!

Tart Studios supports local artists, how can you not love that? They rotate the artwork on display every two months (which I love because their clients get new eye candy around each visit) and guess WHO is on display right this very second? Yes, it's true. I have LARGE artwork on display July 3 - Sept. 3. How big?

Well the proportions of everything are BIG in Tart Studios to take advantage of the amazing ceiling height....Big Poppies above is a mounted print 24in. x 36in. Two feet by three feet!

The crazy part about having non-portrait art on display was FINDING SOME on my external drives. I didn't realize it had been so long since I intentionally created a body of work that wasn't portrait-focused. Almost everything you see here originated from files that had been tucked away, hidden since 2006! It really struck me. . .what else was I doing 3 years ago that I'd like to re-introduce into my life? How about you? Any creative outlets you used to participate in that you've kind of let go by the wayside? If we get REALLY deep and introspective, we could even wonder about old ways of thinking...sometimes we quit spending time doing things that nourish us, and then one day, find ourselves in a rut. I strongly believe that asking yourself these kind of questions point blank are a really helpful way to bring more awareness and happiness to our life.

I would have never guessed in a million years that it had been that long since I shot florals...but I love these images as much today as when I took them. I think 49Tips (the 24x36 of the tulip, above) is one of my all-time favorite floral shots...I plan on hanging it at home when the exhibition comes to an end...if you've got a perfect place in your home for any of the following images, mounted-ready to hang, 16x20inches, they will be for sale after the exhibition. Email me if you'd like to have one of these one-of-a-kind images for yourself!

I'm off to go make tacos...but coming up next on Julie Watts Photo Bloggillicious is a post not to be missed. All about BABIES!!! I became an aunt to my first ever neice and I'm celebrating the occasion with a tribute to my littlest clients by featuring my favorite shots of them...along with showing off a few of my favorite shots I took of my neice and the family when she was hours old...

Also coming up, a post about my first ever experience with eyelash extensions (see what a 'low maintenance' gal like myself thinks about 'em). As someone who gets mani/pedis just as often as it snows around here, trying out eyelash extensions was a pretty zany idea! Stay tuned...

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