Monday, September 7, 2009

Lindsay's rad senior photoshoot

Last week I photographed Lindsay's senior photoshoot. Here are some of my favorite shots. . .

My senior shoots are unpredictable; I feel very comfortable at this point in my career experimenting for a portion of the shoot, and some of the big changes and evolutions in my career begin from a place of experimentation just like during Lindsay's shoot. I've been reading The Artists Way by Julia Cameron at the suggestion of Me Ra Koh, and have to say it's an incredible read so far and if you haven't got this book yet GET IT!

And just in case you think I may have plucked Lindsay right out of a modeling agency, in fact I've been photographing Lindsay and her big sister Alex since way back when in 2005! Linds I hope you don't mind I went into the archives and whipped out a couple rad shots.

Looks like I haven't changed much in terms of my willingness to experiment! lol

But the girls have changed so much! Grown, poised, amazing young women and I'm so glad to know you Linds, Alex, & Lois!!


Christina said...

Really beautiful, amazing shots. She is gorgeous!!

Unknown said...

Great work Julie. Wow! You are awesome.

The Wells Family said...

OMG-could she be any prettier?! Great shots of her Julie!