Monday, June 28, 2010

Julie Watts Workshops

Hi Everybody! I have been totally preoccupied these past few weeks...putting lots of thought, energy, and passion into an INCREDIBLE Puerto Vallarta, Mexico destination wedding (assisted by one of my favorite photographers in the WORLD, Cam Colclough of Calgary Canada), a lively Capitol wedding in Olympia, WA, the STAND OUT PROM Masquarade Glam Shoot, as well as several creatively inspiring custom portrait sessions, all of which I will be sharing with you here on the blog in the coming days and weeks. But there's one item I am TICKLED PINK to announce because I've thought, talked, ruminated, dreamed, wrote, thought, talked some more about ever since I first heard this question: "Julie, are you going to EVER hold a workshop I can attend?!"

After almost a DECADE in the photography business, spending THOUSANDS of dollars and many MANY hours attending photography workshops and classes, and writing pages upon pages of soul-searchin' curriculum for you, I now officially announce:

I can't WAIT to share with aspiring, amateur, & professional photographers alike, what I have learned over these past 10 years. Ten years of conquering fears, celebrating successes, and learning more about myself through my relationship with photography than I ever would have imagined, back when I was "just a 24-year-old stay-at-home-mom, with a Olympus Z4040, and a baby on my hip."

Seats are limited to make it easier for everyone attending to ask specific, personal questions and for me to give specific, personal answers at the end of each segment. Call my Studio Line at 253.229.1818 or email me at to register! Don't wait!

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