Friday, April 11, 2008

Mother, Writer really needs our help!

This message is from Priscilla, we met last week and she is one of the bravest women I've ever met. She also is the most GRATEFUL and HAPPY person, despite her life's path. It's what having PURPOSE in your life can do. She is available for speaking engagements & is an expert makeup artist. Oh heck, I'll let her tell you:

I’m desperately doing all I can to get myself in a position to continue with what I believe to be my calling with my personal life; SAVING CHILDREN from all forms of abuse. My own personal story is unbelievable, as some write books about conquering mountains and living to tell about it, I conquer each day many mountains, it never ends.

I tried contacting your friend Mera Koh, hopefully she will call me soon, time is of the essence. The webpage needs to go up and someway I need bookings as a free-lance make-up artist to sustain my work. As of Saturday, I will not have a vehicle, I’m not too proud to beg anymore, I know the cause and it keeps me going.

Hope we can sit down and chat about my story. Would like to start bringing awareness to Seattle and surrounding areas, including the U.S. as a speaker on behalf of Children that are falling through the cracks. Teaching mothers how to be good parents and end the cycle of such forms of abuse which is right in our own backyards and no one wants to get involved, they just want to put the blinders on and ignore the signs of possible abuse or neglect and not pick-up the phone to report suspected abuse. Then it hits the news and the comments I hear goes something like this..”I thought something was not right..” What we never HEAR is: I SHOULD HAVE CALLED THE POLICE.” No one takes blame when they are being interviewed!

Once my webpage is up, I will share about my ordeals and victories. My child Madison is my daily loss, she is so beautiful! When I share that TIME is of the essence, please replace it with Critical!

My anonymity so some extent is important, it’s hard though not to spot me in a Country setting. I have an ex-husband who is wealthy and dangerous with the technology that it’s at his disposal(you’ll have to read parts of my book).

About work: I’m available for bookings: BRIDES, PRINT, COMMERCIAL,EVENTS, ASSISTANT to PHOTOGRAPHERS,PROMS,RUNWAY. Willing to travel to locations. My work is a gift I’ve been blessed with, an eye for the human face, bringing out the beauty of what I see and what my clients LOVE with what I achieve for any type of look and occasion.

O.K! Please call me anytime. Thank You SO MUCH!!!! Pictures are AMAZING!

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Anonymous said...

My name is Jamie and I own a store in Puyallup called Kids Depot. Pricilla came in one day and I gave her a bunch of clothing for the baby. I am very interested in contacting her about her makeup services. Can you possibly ask her to contact me or call with her phone number? My store number is in the phone book. Thanks!!!!!