Monday, April 21, 2008

What I'm working on now

There's something so right about these images I'm currently editing of my shoot with Brianna last week. . .I had to throw up these sneak peeks and talk about what a great shoot feels like.

Brianna knew what she was going for...we shot at her house which was super significant to her because she's grown up her whole life there! And the natural light and interior details were like CANDY! Look at the natural light and rad painting! Including personal details like the painting give a portrait depth. Suddenly it's not just a portrait anymore; it's a shot of Brianna with a detail the whole family is totally familiar with, but seen in a beautiful new way...

Brianna was really good at collaboration...we tossed out ideas, tried things out, adjusted other ideas, etc, and she was a senior who totally "brought it", as they say! Can you say "fierce"?! I can't get over the contrast of her fantastic shoes and coat with the asphalt road. I would like to thank the creators of the neighborhood for making the street go up the hill that way. It made a killer backdrop!


One Love Photo said...

I like the one with the colorful painting as the backdrop, nice light.

Amanda Mays said...

Sweet pic's julie! I love your work with teens!