Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Senior Portraits-Erika!

Meet Erika.
She is one of those seniors with a lot of poise, she's got a calm way about her on the outside, but listen to her talk and she's all fire on the inside!

Erika is a shortstop for her year-round select team and catcher for her school team. So before you hear anything else, let's just think about that for a while. The shortstop position is pretty much where all the action is, where all the split second decisions are made (okay probably not ALL of them). It's a position for a player with confidence and ability. I don't know much about catching, but I know that communication between the catcher and pitcher is an integral part of the entire game. . . Check out how we caught the wind just right on the shot below!

Did I mention she was the Captain of her Fastpitch team as well as Senior Class President?
. . . AND she is being recruited by over 25 schools in the nation to attend their school and play softball based on her academic and athletic accomplishments?! How about being Brown University’s number one recruit in the nation for the class of 2009?

It probably won't surprise you that she's got a 3.9 GPA. . . .

Erika! I had a great time meeting you and shooting your senior portraits! Enjoy your senior year and designing a fantastic future for yourself! In life, we go through several waves of reinvention, and your senior year is definitely one of the biggest. I'm talking with my business coach about "designing my lifestyle" now that my littlest started Kindergarten! It's is a whole new world of opportunities each day for me, and I can definitely identify with the feeling that the whole world is at your fingertips, which hopefully every senior feels. Heck, everybody should get in touch with that feeling; it's more true than not. . . .

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Carrie Hasson said...

Julie, I love these! They really seem to capture her personailty, I especially love the one of her on the ground in her VANS. I had to stop by because I loved your comment on Me Ra's blog, and I was having some blog comment remorse of my own lol. I love how your life coach is reorganizing your life, I think that is something I am really in need of right now. Better time management and prioritizing. I hope you blog about this journey w/your life coach, it would be so helpful! Again, nice work!