Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ryan & Celeste Funky Montana Wedding!

This is Celeste, at her parents' place in Butte...

Celeste's wedding colors were "pink and leopard".

She removed the sleeves from her dress and made gloves, and it looked divine.

This is Ryan.

Well, actually, this is more like Ryan.

Look at his awesome side of the wedding party! They are way too cool for you. Just kidding!

Celeste wore these leopard print stilettos. A really long time. And never complained. I just love that about her!

Ahh, the ceremony...just look at grampa's hat dad is wearing!

The ceremony had some tough light (full sun, facing the bride) but the officiant (Ryan's Dad) was so cute (he was so emotional in the beginning he laughed about hoping he could make it through the ceremony), and the vows so personal and absolutely perfect that the sun was the last thing on anyones mind...

Oh yeah! I love this shot of Ryan seeing Celeste (for the first time) on her way...

Everyone in the wedding party was talented, creative, and full of life...see that suit? Joe sewed it himself ;) Here are some favorite shots.....

Philana wrote and performed the most incredible song personalized for Celeste and Ryan. OMG.

I feel like I've left so much out! To see the entire slideshow, click here!


Amanda Mays said...

Love it! Cool and funky and fun!

You should submit these to the Offbeat Bride


Shawna said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love getting comments! What a rad wedding this must have been. I love the shot of back of the dress here and the indoor dancing shots on the last post (with the cool ceiling!). By the way, you should totally try making butter because it's pretty hard to ruin, as it's basically messed up whip cream. :O)