Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Vendor Spotlight! DJ Tony!

I worked with DJ Tony at Eldri & Jerry's wedding this past summer and I wanted to let you all know that I highly recommend him.

Number one, vendors don't have to be nice to other vendors when you are working at the same event...lots of vendors just worry about the client and that's it. But Tony was really friendly and easy to work with. What really made an impression on me was his respect for what photographers' duties are, and how he can help make our job easier. In turn, we photographers can make the DJs duties easier by staying in contact with them throughout the event so that the DJ never has to wait to "find the photographer" before he/she announces the bouquet throw or other reception event. When the DJ and photographer work as a team, it's the coolest. I love looking across the room at a DJ, and then giving "the nod" and knowing that the DJ and I are on the same page and ready to make the reception FUN and keeping the pace up throughout the evening. Plus, DJ Tony has this really cool huge inflatable, portable screen for viewing slideshows! It was a huge success at Eldri & Jerry's wedding, and everyone had a great view (something hard to pull off with a smaller screen). How awesome is that?!

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