Monday, October 13, 2008

My Recycling Achievement!!

So I just had to share this, even though I have many great clients and images to blog about right now.

My recycling achievement.

Okay, so we've got the standard 13 gallon trash can under the sink, and then outside the door around the corner is a big outside recycling can. Recycling is addictive, just to let you know. There is a certain satisfaction I get when I squash a cereal box or rinse out a plastic tub. Anyway, garbage day is Thursday and that is soo hard for me to remember. So last Thursday morning I scramble out of bed half-asleep to try to get the garbage can out to the road before the truck comes. I go outside and check the garbage can on the side of the house. Hmmm. No garbage. I check the other one. That's empty, too. I run inside and when I check the kitchen, I realize that OUR FAMILY OF 4 CREATED ONLY ONE 13 GALLON CAN FULL OF GARBAGE IN AN ENTIRE WEEK! Our recycling cans, however, were overflowing, which is cool because in our area, you get a credit on your bill for the amount of stuff you recycle.

So if you aren't recycling now, go ahead, give it a try. I know some neighborhoods make it easier than others; in ours, you can put paper, cans, AND glass all in the same can. But do what you can (lol no pun intended).

I also got some of those reinforced shopping bags, and they hold a lot more than the plastic bags which flop over and pour out on your drive home. My next personal challenge will be, "Can I go an entire week without using plastic bags from stores?" Now, I totally understand using them if you've got a bazillion groceries, but for runs to the drug store or speciality shop, I'd venture to say that you could make your life easier by just putting your stuff in your shopper bag and grabbing the receipt. It's really rewarding to not take what I don't REALLY need. If somebody else has a great tip or tries the Weeklong Bag Challenge, let me know!!

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