Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cheryl & Deon-Adopting again!

I've known Cheryl's family since junior high; so when Cheryl & Deon asked if I'd take some headshots they needed for their "page" on their site, I was really humbled.

Cheryl & Deon already have one adopted son, Jalen, who is now two years old and they are ready to add to their family! This brings up another reason I am so fulfilled as a photographer; I am entrusted by a family to create an image of them that will be the first sight for the birth mother of the couple she will choose to give her child to?! It's SUCH an honor. You can view their page, it's here.

Adoption is an absolute miracle to me; I have several adult friends who were adopted and I know my own life wouldn't be the same without having them here with me. As a mom myself, I really can't imagine holding anyone in higher esteem as I hold birth mothers who make this most loving, selfless choice. Can you imagine? Knowing you can't give your baby the life that you know your baby deserves? Making the decision to change another family's life forever by blessing them with the ultimate gift-- your precious child. It's just mindblowing to me....amazing...kudos to all of you who are involved in one way or another in supporting adoptive families and birth mothers.

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