Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dan & Nicole's Hilarious Studio Shoot

The story of newlyweds' Nicole & Dan's January 31st wedding really begins back in December when we shot their super-secret studio engagement shoot.

I almost always do engagement shoots on location at a fun spot either special to the couple, or that we come up with together. Nicole, on the other hand, came with with a specific VISION for a variety of different photo centerpieces for her wedding reception. Fun concept shots that fit their personalities shot in the studio with striking colors....shots that would really get the guests started in conversation and mingling about!

This was RIGHT up my alley! I love being able to take clients' ideas and make them a reality. The resulting images were TOP SECRET until they were unveiled on their wedding day....are you ready to see the images??

I would be remiss at this point not to post a couple of teasers from their beautiful wedding!

Nicole is a hairstylist so naturally she wanted to do Dan's hair on their wedding day. However, she didn't want him to see her before their formal "reveal" to each other...The solution? Easy! Dan just had to keep his eyes closed when hey was brought into her dressing room! Isn't that hysterical?! It was the cutest thing ever, shooting Nicole style him up without him having any idea of how absolutely stunning she looked as his blushing bride. . .

This was a fun wedding....more pics and a slideshow to come!

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