Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dan & Nicole's Wedding!

Two thoughts come to mind when I think about Dan & Nicole's January 30th wedding; wow it was COLD OUTSIDE and wow how HOT was Nicole's bridal party?!!

I think I just shared this with my assistant, Amanda Mays, but I want to share it with everybody now. While Nicole and her bridesmaids were getting ready at the church, two of her bridesmaids came out to the foyer, dressed in these black satin floor length gowns, hair-BAM!, makeup-BAM! They were so stunning, that when they wisked past a couple of the groomsmen on their way back to the rest of the girls in the getting ready room, I observed the two guys to basically gasp with their jaws DROPPED at the GORGEOUSNESS that just breezed through their view. The ladies were on a mission so they were long gone and had no idea of the reaction they got. . . it was the coolest little moment, so now you know!

The day started off at Cherry Creek Hair Company (253.848.4775) in Puyallup. I thought they did an absolutely beautiful job on everyone and it was a great way to begin Nicole's big day ahead. . .

Smooches for pooches! Nicole's new pup!

It was a fun challenge to get a sweet shoe shot. This was done in a long, dark, hallway with a bit of light shining from the little window in the door. I slid the little table over, got down low, and voila!

A beautiful shot of Nicole. . .you'd never know it was below 40 degrees, but it helps to be wrapped up in the arms of your cuddily husband-to-be.

Dan looking so handsome!

Nicole sneakin' into the sanctuary to get a look at the decor at the altar!

On goes the garter. . . .with a little help from her friends :)
It's true. I love jumping groomsmen.

There was an Airstream on location at the church. I've always loved how futuristic they look and did a little dance inside my head when I saw it! There's at least two things that are sure to get a photographer excited; fantastic light, and unexpected awesome "props".

Did I mention the plentiful supply of cherubic, delightful children? I love this shot of Nicole telling the girls about what was going to happen. Chances are they will never forget being flowergirls and watching Nicole transform into at such a beautiful bride!

Okay so I love this one Nicole, where your brother George is giving you away. . .I can't even look at it without feeling the emotion from this moment surrounding me. And your rose balls look great, BTW! lol

It's here. For real.

How a guy looks when he's soaking up the most amazing woman he's ever met.

The minimalism of this shot puts all the focus on all the right things, I think...I've always been a fan of negative space. The story isn't always told the best including EVERYTHING in a shot.

He was dropping her flower petals, then putting them back in. Seriously, could they be ANY CUTER?!! I LOVE her little folded hands and how sweetly engaged she looks in what he's doing!

Happily Married!! Let the celebrating begin!

Good lighting isn't always about having tons of's more about having it in the right place, aiming the right direction, and the right amount of it. This is a great example of that. The only light was coming from Dan's dome lights in his truck.

The Reception Begins!

Nicole was pretty clever with incorporating the floral decorations from the ceremony into the reception. And just in case you ever need to know, these are much heavier than they look and do require some beefy fishing line!

Here is how Nicole used their wacky engagement photos as reception centerpieces! I think they were a huge hit!

This one cracks me up. Future bridesmaids, you may want to preview the slideshow your friend is putting together for her wedding reception. Just a thought. :)
This was the first time I had worked with Brian Wyatt of Sound Beam Productions (206)371-9577. I can't stress enough how much influence an experienced DJ can have on the enjoyment of your guests at your reception. There is an art to assessing the ebb and flow of a crowd, and interacting with them in ways that are truly entertaining. I have such a respect for DJs that have this ability. You may not know, but the DJ and photographer need to have great communication, most of the time with just nods and "thumbs up" from across the room...before he can announce the cake cut, I need to be on my way over to the cake table...before the first dance, I need to be all dialed in for my remote flash. When the DJ and photographer are in sync, the reception flows beautifully and naturally.

With DJ Brians help, I was able to grab this awesome shot below!

I love this shot of the moms. . . after the "formal" shot of them together, they just got down to business reveling in the countless notable moments of their children's first day as husband and wife! How proud it must feel to be them!

Dan and Nicole had a photobooth which was also a huge hit. Guests and friends could immediately stick their images onto a scrapbook page and write a special message. At the end of the night, how could I resist???

There were so many great moments that day...Dan & Nicole I love you guys!!! I wish you two the BEST!! To see their entire slideshow, click here!


Anonymous said...

What a fun wedding! Great job, Julie! It was fun getting to hang out with you more this week :)

mackyton said...

Pretty pleased to see the candid wedding clicks. I have a real problem in finalizing one of the charming Los Angeles event venues for my daughter's birthday. Our little one is turning five next month. Looking forward for some exceptionally beautiful designer cakes and food ideas for kids.