Sunday, July 12, 2009

Stacy & Mark's Wedding

Hi Everybody! Memorial Day Weekend was gorgeous (seems like so long ago already, doesn't it?) and I had the pleasure of capturing Stacy & Mark's wedding day for them through my's a few of my favs

Tonya, Stacy's bridesmaid to the left, is one of my '07 brides!! Stacy loved a particular high-contrast shot from Tonya's "before" shots, so it was fun to get some shots of Stacy and her girls arriving to the Grand Holiday Ballroom...braced and ready to support Stacy on the day her life changes...

I just love this shot of the bridesmaids & Stacy. They just look all tied up in knots :)
And unless you are on primetime TV or a professional model, how often do you get the chance to relax whilst getting beautifed??

Mark is not only a veteran, he's deploying for a tour in Afghanistan this month with the US Army. THANK YOU Mark for everything you do to protect us all and our freedom.
I love this super glowy image of Stacy & Mark. Stacy looks amazing and for some reason it's extra lighthearted because Mark is gazing off, looking like he's whistling a happy tune!

Stacy's bouquet was really unique and stunning...but great florists like hers arrive early, make sure everything is taken care of, then dissappear off into the night to let their floral artistry speak for itself...if the business responsible for this gorgeous bouquet is reading this, I'd love for you to drop me a line so I can give you credit! Your work was beautiful!

I love how the colors of the grass and distressed whitewash walls pop around Stacy & Mark.
Congratulations you two....I hope the next year in which Mark is in Afghanistan flies've got an anniversary shoot coming your way when Mark returns...I can't wait to capture you two snuggling and nuggling again after such a long time apart! It will be so juicy!

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