Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Parents and bellies and two year olds- Oh My!!

So last week I had the pleasure of another pregnancy shoot! Mom's belly was the highlight of the shoot, but two-year-old big-sister-to-be Ashlynn was definitely the Star of the Show! There were several memorable moments during this shoot...but one of my favorites was when Ashlynn plopped down with a red velvet pillow next to her mom while I was shooting. Too cute!! Two-year-olds can be very interactive, as most of you probably know, so we all remained REALLY flexible as plans for the next 30 seconds changed in an instant! The years my kids were 2-years-old is a blur to me. I'm always reminded why that is when a client brings their 2-year-old in! Kudos to all of you parents out there who put your heart, souls, and nerves into nurturing and loving your 2-year-olds!!! :)

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