Monday, February 4, 2008

The Workshop!

I want to thank my friend Dinea for contacting Photographer/Entrepreneur Liana Lehman out of Atlanta to make time in her schedule to fly up to Seattle to put on one of her business bootcamp workshops! With a class of just seven, it was really personal and fun. And we needed all the fun we could get because the majority of the long first day we were crunching numbers.


You could say that again. I totally crunched my driver's side back door a block away from the workshop. It was snowy and my whole family stayed home, so I was a little nervous for the 45 minute drive. I went slow and did great. Until, that is, I came to realize that the workshop location, a beautiful 1909 mansion in Madrona, was two steep and icy streets down the hill. Hmmm. I took my time and picked a good block to drive down, it didn't look very steep, but nevertheless I started sliding and bumped just like a bumper car into a parked car. A nice parked car. A new parked car. I left a big long note and continued on to the workshop, trying to just RELEASE and resolve the status of my car door in 5 minutes. I was pretty successful, but it helped to have the workshop material to think about!

Okay so we took a few pics. Here's Tracy Lee of Sixeightythree Photo out of St. Louis

And Dinea

And I didn't get a shot of Alison from Horizon Photo, but I love her and can't wait to drive down and visit her!

But I DID get a great shot of Erin and Bill

I just really like Bill & Erin. So here's my favorites of them


~Bill said...

Thanks for the great pictures Julie. :)


Dinea de Photo said...


I had such a good time with you at the workshop. I am so glad I can comment now.


Unknown said...

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