Monday, May 26, 2008


Last week I also got to do a senior photoshoot with Jessy! Though it was still superhot, we had very little problem finding great shots, and Jessy, being a most poised yet theatrical young woman, was an absolute dream to shoot. I wish you could hear her voice. I used to have a homebased medical transcription business and you could say I "listened" to doctors' voices for a living. It didn't surprise me one bit when Jessy told me she is a singer...she's got a speaking voice like CHOCOLATE! Smooth and rich!

. . . And I'm a sucker for beautiful seniors with retro style...

I told my husband that night that when we find our homstead on 2 acres, I am going to need a cement wall. And I was serious. I could have shot Jessy all day and I did think we go over by about 45 minutes!


James Dunn said...

I KNOW HER!! haha, weeeiird. Great job. I love the second one and the shots up against the cement wall is such a cool idea.

Julie Watts said...

Really?! That's so funny! I get the biggest kick out of finding out who knows who...I am the connecting link between all kinds of clients that I didn't know knew each other. I'm easily entertained by this kind of thing!!