Tuesday, May 6, 2008

South Seattle Fun

Last week I went along to a group shoot with a bunch of photographers to the International District of Seattle. I don't do too many group shoots. What I love about taking someone's photograph is that Energy Exchange between me and the "someone", and we all give up a certain amount of control when we, group shooters, shoot one person.

It must be what a celebrity feels like on the red carpet...shutters clicking, showing your good side, wanting to turn for everybody so they all have half a chance at getting a good shot of you...it's very public, as opposed to a regular shoot that is quite private. I did totally enjoy bonding with Jen MacNiven, Jenny, Kristin, Cortney, Elise, & Dewey. That's kind of the best part of it, getting to know everybody and laugh as we all got used to being in front of the camera, as most of us are photographers because we are most comfortable behind one. It was neat to demo using a reflector for a couple of the photogs who hadn't used one before. I LOVE my reflectors and someday will maybe create a device that keeps them from Shoo-WOP'ing open whenever I forget I'm holding them under my arm..lol

It really impressed me to see the results of our shoot! How many GREAT & different takes there can be on the same subject. I encourage you to check out everyone's blog about the shoot!

Mrs. Jenny Joy Heck has joined me in the crazy honor of being Spotlighted by the incomparable Me Ra Koh!

Dewey is a joy to have around. It wouldn't have been the same without him!

Elise...we got some amazing captures of her...I can't wait for that baby to be born and grow up so they can see what joy and beauty surrounded them as they grew...

Jen's totally hot in this picture, don't you think!?

Kristin brought this coat along at the last minute...we were all OVER that fur trim paired with the red brick!!!

Cortney is quite the sultry and gorgeous mom-to-be here...again...we were LOVING the brick!

I got some great shots of Marianne, but I really like this one a whole lot. If you'd like to see the rest, you can visit my website, www.juliewattsphoto.com and click on "View your Proofs". There is a public folder you can view!


Amanda Mays said...

So jealous! I'm totally bummed I had to bail at the last minute, I was really looking forward to it! I was slammed at my stinky day job ;) and then realized both the CF cards I had on me were full errrr! Looks like you had a great time and you all got some smoking shots! We should do it again and this time I'll actually show ;)

Oh at the last pug dinea was mentioning doing a downtown Tacoma girls shoot maybe we should do that next!

Sara Montgomery said...

I wish I could have gone too! I am totally in for the Tacoma shoot! You guys look like you had a ton of fun. Hope you are doing well Julie... all of your shoots lately have been amazing!