Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Windy Senior Photoshoot with Katie!

If you live around here, you know that last weekend was SUPER HOT & SUNNY, a photographer's most challenging condition to shoot under. It's not that you don't have great spots or opportunities to take great shots, it's just that when it's overcast or cloudy, you have so many MORE options. We started Katie's shoot in her back yard with this amazing little red shed.

There were good pockets of shade here and
interesting textures to work with.

Next we went to Ruston and besides the sun, there was CRAZY wind! Experience and gut instinct helps me decide whether to work with a difficult location because the chance of a big payoff is possible, or when it's better to hop up, look around, and go to the next spot.

I love the effect of the wind in the shot above, at this great Ruston Way landmark, the gigantic sundial...

But we soon decided to mosy away from the waterfront and the wind subsided...and there is something to be said for the day's late afternoon shoot--light clouds began to slide across the sky and helped out with the light. I love Katie's eyes in this one!

Here's the kind of payoff that results from working with difficult conditions...a cool backlit wild hair whip shot!

All that hair whipping sure makes a girl tired...lol

I really enjoyed hanging out with Katie and her photog enthusiast boyfriend, James. They were great people and are a great example of how I'm so blessed with this career! It really doesn't seem like work!


James Dunn said...

YAY! Everyone loves the pics. Katie was so excited, more so than I've ever seen her over pictures =) So thank you again. And thx again for the great advice, I learned so much just talking with you. You're a great photographer Julie, and even more wonderful person. I'll keep tuned in, best of luck!

Tamara B. said...

Wonderful pic's. You're right, her eyes were beautiful in that pic.