Thursday, August 7, 2008

Nalini & Blue Lotus

It was a special treat last week when bollywood-style dance company Nalini & Blue Lotus drove down from West Seattle for a photoshoot!

Though I've photographed several single bellydancers, this was my first time photographing three at one time. I knew that this would bring different challenges but I was up for it! First off, 10 feet of backdrop wasn't quite enough for some of the wider arrangements, so I needed to go into Photoshop to extend the backdrop. Also, symmetry isn't an important factor when you are photographing a single dancer. Actually, it's asymmetry that's the focus, giving a visual trail for the eye to follow. But when you are capturing the spirit of a group who dances in unison with each other, it's important for each detail among the group to be considered. The mirrored wall behind me at the studio helped them see their reflections, but so did a lot of reviewing on the back of the camera to make sure I'm capturing what they imagine seeing.

I'm all about information. I love knowing about all kinds of things and how they work. So during photoshoots, I like to give my clients opportunities to see how things look and get excited or to point out something they don't like. Photography, especially of OURSELVES is so subjective! It gives me a good idea of how my client is thinking and what they like when I get this feedback DURING the shoot...

As you can see, there's power in threes! Each dancer on their own is exquisite, but when that is tripled, it turns into something more...I'll post again to let you know when their website is redesigned to include the images from our shoot!

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