Saturday, December 6, 2008

Brides Hear This!!!

I was meeting a new fantastic bride of mine (yes, I consider you "my" brides and always will, even when you're a grandma, you'll always a "bride" in my mind) Pamela down at the Sumner Starbucks, when I got to chattin' with Starbucks employee Heidi about wedding photography. "Have you heard of the new site?" she said. "No, what site?" " is an online marketplace where brides come to purchase pre-owned EVERYTHING for your wedding. Because seriously, there are better things to do with 30 fluted crystal vases than use them for coin banks in your garage or give them to your photographer as she leaves at the end of the night! (lol) Post them on Bravo Bride and earn some cash! And brides-t0-be, what a GREAT way to get the most "ooh" and "ahh" for your money!
Thanks Heidi!

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