Saturday, December 6, 2008

"Hello?" "Julie, This is Travis..You don't know me but..."

"...I think my girlfriend has contacted you about doing a holiday picture shoot, but I had an idea I wanted to run by you. I was thinking about proposing to Christine at the end of the shoot..."

Sweeter words rarely grace a wedding photographer's ears.....

First off, I already knew I loved Christine. I mean, she was the enthusiastic focus of one of my most memorable bridal bouquet toss sequences

It was obvious. This chick wasn't messin' around!!!

So when it came time for the holiday shoot, I just was hoping I wouldn't accidentally slip and call it an engagement shoot! I tried to put that in the back of my mind until it was REALLY time. . .

I actually did pretty well and Travis was very calm throughout the shoot. Wouldn't you LOVE to see the REST and how it all went down, frame by frame?!? Just click Christine & Travis' Surprise Engagement Slideshow!!
Congratulations again you guys!! Can't WAIT for your wedding!!!

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Sara Montgomery said...

These are amazing images!!! What a fun day to be a part of, and what a blessing that they trusted you to capture this life changing event! Can't wait to see their wedding photos too!!!