Sunday, December 14, 2008

Senior Photoshoot-Danielle!

Danielle. I already knew I would love Danielle because I already had photographed her sister and neice. I didn't know what she looked like though, so when I got to the meeting place, I saw this gal pull in and start to check her makeup in her rearview. "That's probably her" so I walked over and this grown woman rolls down her window and I immediately see that she's not a senior...but I made sure to tell her I thought she might be the senior client I was meeting because how fun is THAT to go home and tell your family, you know?

But back to Danielle.

What a beauty she posesses!

And these colors! I just love.

This is a unique image for me....I thought it was quite adorable and every little detail is necessary, not just the shoes and the hands. The greenery in the back and the rocks and the curb and the pebbles in the forefront are as much of the visual story, I think....

It was great to meet you Danielle and it was a TOTAL pleasure to get to do your senior photoshoot....

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