Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Glamorous photographers and Dewey and Hal

This is photog Misty looking GORGEOUS at my studio May 22nd....

That night I welcomed photographers Misty, Jessy, and Dewey to the studio for a fancy evening featuring my "money guy", Hal!

Hal has been our family's Financial Planner for a few years now. He has a lot of letters after his name (CFS, LUTCF), which means to me that he must know his stuff. But my favorite thing about Hal is that he reminds me of my brother John. I appreciate that so much because talking about finances brings up a range of emotions for lots of people, and having a really cool, smart financial planner to help you figure out where your want to go in life and how to get there faster is about as awesome as it can get. I don't want some stiff & stodgy guy looking down his nose at me when I talk about personal money decisions, you know? That was old school financial planning. I told Hal I felt like "Financial Planner" was a little boring of a title and doesn't fit him...maybe the industry needs a slick new title. I suggested something like " lifestyle planner" or "profit jockey" lol.
If you like money and haven't ever talked to a financial planner, you HAVE to! Unless you are a financial planning genius yourself, you really will learn a lot. Life is getting expensive so now is the time to understand what small changes you can make now that will make a BIG impact in your financial life later (and now)! Very few people I know take the step to call/email a guy like Hal and ask questions. The people that do, however, are THAT much more ahead of the rest when it comes to feeling good about the direction their financial life is headed. It's totally FREE.

See how happy I am?! lol It's because I have a financial plan! Well, and because Jessy is so good at giving encouraging comments when she shoots you!

Dewey came too! I think Misty and Jessy got shots of him :) This one I took in April!
Jessy looked absolutely ravishing...we had a great time shooting each other all glamorous and talking shop with Hal...but after Hal left, we were looking through some photography books and got the idea to try some glamorous shots...Okay first off, when you see the Vanity Fair shots of a group of up and coming actors, they are way harder to duplicate than you might think...

But it sure was fun!! Thanks Dewey for shooting us ladies trying to be models!
Oh! And I almost forgot I was going to post one of my favorite shots of Hal from his family's shoot earlier this year! In this shot, he'd just tickled his daughter. Isn't she a cutie??!!

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