Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Answer-What was that thing from yesterday's post?

It's a special work surface (read: modified stump) for bending metal...Why would someone want to bend metal? I can think of two reasons, 1. making car parts from scratch, 2. making your wife cool gifts like this:

Last night he graciously demostrated how his carved-out-stump-on-a-stand is a valuable metalsmith's tool. First, you take sheet metal and cut a circle out: Then you place it over one of the holes you carved out of the stump and whack it:
Then you roll it and squish it between these two heavy wheels:
Voila! And now you've got a bowl about an inch deep!

Isn't that interesting? I think it's interesting. Though I couldn't resist throwing in this shot of hubbie's hair:


Connie said...

Hi Julie - Wow, his hair is longer than my husband's! Cool gadget and if you benefit, hey, a win win situation!

Let me know the date and time for the reunion and I will be there!

Misty said...

He is so dang crafty! What a beautiful gift! =)

Anonymous said...

Love this post, Julie. Fun to learn something about you/your fam.

One Love Photo said...

That heart is really cool, you could sell those on etsy and ebay. That is one serious ponytail. My husband has been letting his hair grow out a little and twice this month he has been called a woman (HA!) I think it is hilarious! He doesn't look like a woman at all-I swear. But the hair from behind well I guess he does! HA!