Friday, March 28, 2008

Studio 36 After Party!!!!!!!!

After MeRa Koh's Pictage User Group Meeting on Tuesday, I finally extended an invitation to my photographer buddies to come see my studio, dubbed Studio 36! First, we took turns with the camera and saw what a softbox to the side can do.

Then I got to show them how a grid works when doing pregnancy shots. So naturally we put fabric under our shirts and pretended to be pregnant:
And after a fascinating exercise on the topic of catchlights, we ended up talking about flash recycle time and how to maximize the ability of your flash so that you can capture all three of the pivotal bouquet tossing moments, the "about to toss" the " toss in the air" and the "catch." Master at improvisation, you can see that not having a real bouquet didn't stop us. This "before" moment is by Carol:
This "during" shot is by Amanda,
And a dramatic catch, captured by Sara!

We really spent the majority of the time TALKING about TONS of topics. This was evident by the fact that we spent THREE HOURS and only shot 100 frames (between all 4 of us)!!


Amanda Mays said...

Thanks for having us! I had a BLAST! We for sure have to do it again! A little more glam next time so we can get some nice shots!

Misty said...

I love this! I will most definitely make it next time!! =)