Monday, March 17, 2008

"Special Paper" or What I did this weekend, or are you a parent?

We FINALLY went down and got wills written up. I'm no lawyer BUT I do know that ESPECIALLY if you have children, you need to have a well-written will that says who you want taking care of your finances and your children if something bad happens to you, your spouse, or both. Do you know what the estate attorney said when I asked, "What happens if both parents die and they don't have wills? Who's in charge?" He replied, "Whoever gets to the courts first." WHAT?!? DO NOT ASSUME THAT WHOEVER YOU WANT IN CHARGE WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE IN CHARGE OF YOUR STUFF AND KIDS!! Soo, if you've put off this mundane chore (I did for about 9 years!), it's time for me to bring it to your attention again. Besides resting easier, the other cool part about having a will is the SPECIAL PAPER they use. You have to keep the ORIGINAL will super safe because a copy of a will is practically worthless. You need the original, and they can tell it's original because of the SPECIAL PAPER...ooohh aaahh (both of these shots taken with my Lensbaby 2.0)

And if "special paper" doesn't excite you like it does me, then how about getting to go out and buy a little safe, too, to put your special papers in? Don't get one too small; the smallest standard safe you buy at the office stores are smaller than 8.5x11inches so papers have to be folded or smushed. So get the size bigger. I like the one I just bought today that's shaped like a file drawer:

Just imagine how relieved you'd feel if you had an awesome firefighter kneeling there with your safe and was like "hey check it out. your irreplaceable papers are still okay".....

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Misty said...

Good job getting that done! And I LOVE the new look of the blog! =)