Saturday, March 1, 2008

My ad in South Sound Wedding & Event Magazine!

So in the current issue of South Sound Wedding & Event Magazine, you'll find my ad featuring my bride Tatiana!! I included the cover so you'd recognize the issue when you saw it (cover shot by It's so funny...I'm forever grateful to her modeling for me at my booth last September at the Puyallup Fair, which is where this shot of her was taken! I had a red chaise lounge, studio lights flashin', etc. I really didn't expect to USE the images, we were really just foolin' around having a great time and talking to fairgoers. But this one was so awesome and luxurious looking, I knew it had what it takes to make a memorable ad! Oh and also in this issue they published two more of my wedding images!


Amanda Mays said...

Wow Congrats! I love your ad! I'll have to pick up a copy of the mag to see what other pic's you have in there.

Anonymous said...

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