Monday, March 3, 2008

Fun with the Foreakers & See My Husband & Can You Guess What This Is?

Yesterday was a GREAT day. I really wanted to go look at this house with my friend/realtor, Steve and his wife. The house was a HOOT. I mean, I'd have to say I'm an expert on knowing how a photograph can show all of the GOOD things and hide all of the BAD things, but this place was hysterical. First, it was built in 1971 and hadn't been updated. So it had the awesome room-to-room intercom system. Okay I secretly admire that. But these people took the word "customize" to a whole nother place...let's just say these homeowners weren't afraid to cut a holes in walls in random places. The attached garage looked normal but when you open it up, it's like 10 feet deep! You can't fit a car in it! I wasn't disappointed; it's just that the online pics and stats made it look so good!!
And guess what? I want to say CONGRATULATIONS to Steve and Carol because today is their one year wedding anniversary!!! Guess who was their wedding photographer?

After I got back home, I brought my camera out to the garage to show my husband this crazy house. My husband is a homebody/craftsman type. He's not totally opposed to being photographed, but out of matrimonial courtesy, I shoot him quite sparingly. But like I said, I had the camera out there so I documented the thing he just made from scratch. Can anybody guess what that is?


Amanda Mays said...

I have no idea what that is! But your husbands a cutie ;)

Liza J. said...

A drum? =)