Sunday, March 23, 2008

OMG...I ATE my BUNNY!!!!!!!

Before I get to today's pictures, here's a memorable moment from Easter a few years ago. My daughter had a vivid imagination and played with her chocolate bunny for a long time before it ever occurred to her to try to eat it. She bit off the top and only then, realized the horror that had just occurred at her own hand to her little friend. However, once she got used to the idea of it being FOOD, she happily chopped down the rest of it...but can you believe that face?!?

Even though we had a perfectly lovely Easter egg hunt yesterday at Grandma's, I couldn't help but have the "Easter Bunny" make a quick visit to our own rainy back yard this morning wearing whatever we had on, plus a coat.
But check out this RAD bunny made out of bread. Even though my mother-in-law is ridiculously gifted in the kitchen, she actually bought this at the bakery. Somebody out there has got to do this for their own. We should have a bread bunny making/photography contest next year! You could go to the grocery store, grab a tube of raw dough or biscuits and take a picture of your creation..

And with plenty of germans in the family, extra special German chocolate always makes an appearance...umm um!

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christy pelland said...

hey julie! love the bread bunny - great idea! how did the studio party go? looking forward to that post!