Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

This past Sunday, my grandparent's house was burned to the ground. However, this was not a tragic event. It was a planned burn executed by the local fire department. The house had been damaged by the recent flooding, and the homestead land would be much more marketable without the structure. I understand. Sometimes things just need to go. Still though, all I can say is that it was WILD to see this picture my uncle took of the house where I remember playing on the floor while everybody watched football, or sitting on laps at the table where I watched the grown-ups play Pinochle:

Last year I was forwarded this image of the SAME house and I am just amazed at the amount of time one house can be in one family. That little boy? That's my grandfather.

I am constantly reminding my clients that shots that seem ordinary now, grow with meaning over the years. I joke with my family portrait clients that "if you've got a cute porch, it's mandatory I take a family photo of you on it." But I'm starting to think cute porches aren't even mandatory anymore--we should all have a shot like this in front of the house.


Connie said...

You are so right about photos not meaning much now, but later they can mean so much more. It is really hard for me to delete photos once I have the time to take them. I just sat during lunch today and deleted a ton... it was hard, but I keep way too many!

One Love Photo said...

Julie, I was just thinking about this yesterday morning. I have several portrait sessions booked for next week. We are trying to figure out where to shoot. Everyone is asking what parks we should go to. I was thinking that, shooting at people's homes is always best. It is more personal and I feel like the images are more authentic. Maybe I will try to rearrange things for next week to incorporate more porches....very interesting post!

Anonymous said...

LOVE this post. Your message is fab & I totally agree.